Golden Barley International Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based chemicals and fertilizer trading company. Our principal shareholders have over 15 years of experience in the chemicals and fertilizer trading industry. We have an extensive network in China and Southeast Asia for high quality products and service.

We strive to form successful partnerships with our valued suppliers, buyers, business associates through a culture of excellence, teamwork and responsibility among the stakeholders of the company. Golden Barley International Pte Ltd also aims to help propagate our customers’ businesses by delivering quality products in addition to excellent service and support.  For this, we have set to provide timely and efficient deliveries.

Under the guidance of our founders, we have built the company based on the following philosophies:

Quality - We hope to provide quality products at a reasonable price in order to sustain our position in the market


Professionalism - We believe in treating our clients with professionalism to ensure they are satisfied with our products and services

Customer Satisfaction - We value the relationships built with our stakeholders as their satisfaction drives our success

Golden Barley International Pte Ltd enter into join-venture with Yunnan Xiangfeng Group Co. Ltd to setup a phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant in Kunming, Yunan. The plant currently manufactures 1,200,000MT of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), 400,000MT of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP), 250,000MT of Single Super Phosphate (SSP), 100,000MT of Mono-Ammonium Phosphate(MAP), 450,000MT of Compoud Fertilizer (NPK) and 300,000MT of Urea from the Urea plant,  annually.

In addition to the above , we source other types of fertilizers through our vast network throughout China and South East Asia. We mainly obtain other nitrogen and complex fertilizers, as well as sulphur and Kieserite (Magnesium Sulphate) fertilizers for our clientele.